Open learning universities.

If you ask most people what they regret most in life, and what held them back in life the most was, I think most people would say “I regret not finishing school or pursuing a tertiary education.” I know that is what I would say, even though I consider myself well – read to a point of almost being an autodidact. There are many people out there that did not finish school or have the chance to futhur their studies, and because of that, they have had a hard life. Ther are no jobs for people who are not educated, a sad, but harsh fact. For those who do get a job it might mean a lifetime of discrimination, either way it’s not good.

Some people would say that they don’t need an education or they don’t long for it and that’s fine…. But for the few people who do feel that they would like to study and do not know of any free methods to do tertiary studies that are world class, Here are a few sites I have found that might change your life;

I don’t have to say much, type it in the search box and see for yourself. This is a collaboration between universities like Harvard and MIT and it really is a much-needed service to the world. I remember as a child I dreamt of going to Harvard University and thought my dream would never come true. I left school because even though I got high marks I did not believe that there would be money to send me to University and I lost hope in a good education. I found this site years later, and they offer a wide range of full-length open learning courses. There are people who record the lessons and post it to an intuitive Dashboard where you will find all the course material you need. Your work gets evaluated and you get an acknowledgement that you completed if you do… I haven’t even begun with one course yet, but it is a sincere desire pursue a study course with them and I think if you  do go to the site you will probably feel the same.

Alison Courses are not university level, but they are also free and you can also get certification through them. They ask a small fee for the printed certifications. They have very short courses, but the courses are practical and is sure to give a heads up in an ever changing industry.

There are other sites that offer free education, you must just look for them, and when you find it then you can search for what people are saying about the site. Make an informed decision before spending a lot of time on an online course as it really takes a lot of effort and motivation. The world is changing and normal work settings are turning into leisure appointments with people sitting in the comfort of their own homes. More and more things are done online and therefore, naturally more and more studies will be done online and it will become a more and more recognized way of studying.

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